Myanmar Music Recommender System

Wouldn't it be cool if the system knows the next song you might want to listen?

Our sophisticated and smart recommender engine can provide APIs to do exactly that.

Myanmar Music Chart APIs

We can provide APIs to fetch Latest Songs, Popular Songs and Top Search Songs.

Myanmar Music Fingerprinting System

Example applications of our system are:

Automatic TV advertisement airtime tracker

Automatic royalty tracking from radio stations

Automatic audio copyright infringement checker

Karaoke Lyrics Sync System

Music makes more sense with lyrics. We have API to show sync lyrics for your music player.

We currently offers the following public APIs to grab the information for free.

Music Charts

Music Information

Popular social posts

We are still preparing documentations for our public APIs. However, you could contact us to get an early access.

Whether you are a musician, a record label or any enterprises with ties in this field,

we can provide bespoke solutions of your needs.

Our services for Enterprises:

Automatic tracking of songs played on radio stations

Automatic recognition of advertisement aired on TV or radio stations

Music recommender system

Sync Lyrics for songs

Interactive applications and audience monitoring for radio operators. For example, ask the user to record a song played on radio to win a prize as well as to monitor audience response.

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